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Club competition 2016

Saturday 21st of May saw the club hold it’s annual closed competition. The standard this year was higher than ever. There were many outstanding competitions, most notable was the struggle between Olivia and Toran. After Three attempts Toran eventually emerged victorious and made it through to  the final to face Jake.

Flickr Pictures of the medal party and groups pictures of all of the competitors can be view here from the club’s Flick account

YoutubeVideos of all of the Fights can be view to the Club’s YouTube Channel by clicking here

The pools result were as follows:

2016 Pool 1 Results

First NameSecond NameAward
Josh BarlowSILVER
Zayn AbdulrazatBRONZE

Pictures from the pool 1 can be viewed here.

2016 Pool 2 Results

First NameSecond NameAward
Jake BradleyGOLD
Toran De BruijnSILVER

Pictures from the pool 2 can be viewed here.

2016 Pool 3 Results

First NameSecond NameAward
ArmandDe BruijnSILVER
Valeriy SinkoBRONZE
Lawrence LeighBRONZE

Pictures from the pool 3 can be viewed here.

2016 Senior Pool Results

First NameSecond NameAward
Matt BarlowGOLD

BillSellwood BRONZE
Harry IsalskiBRONZE

Pictures from the Senior pool on can be viewed here.

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