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This guide is provided as information for prospective new members. Please read carefully. If there any matters about which you are not entirely clear, please ask either a coach or the parent representative.

Hosaka kwai Club rules mean that children must be at least 8 years of age before they can start to practice judo.
The beginners courses are for all, from 8 to 60 years old and are tailored to individual ability.

  1. All prospective members must be at least 8 years of age and undertake an initial six-week Beginners Course. This is mainly to allow prospective members an introduction to the club and its activities without commitment on either side. Appropriate clothing must be worn to training sessions during this course.
  2.  The Beginners Course will cost prospective members an initial fee plus standard mat fees for sessions attended according to current rates.
  3.  At the conclusion of the Beginners Course, prospective members will be invited to join the Club. The current annual membership fee for the club will be immediately payable, irrespective of the point in the year the member joins the club. The initial charge will include membership for the remainder of the year of joining and a new judo suit ( any size ).
  4. Mat fees according to the current rates will be payable by members for each session attended.
  5. Members must wear a proper judo suit.
  6. Grading of members will take place at pre-arranged times throughout the year. Members should take grading as soon as they are considered by their coaches to be ready.
  7. For grading, members must hold a valid licence issued by the British Judo Council (BJC)  or a valid licence issued by the British Judo Association (BJA). The BJC licence can be applied for by members through the club prior to the members first grading with the appropriate fee payable to the BJC. This licence (or the BJA licence)will need to be renewed annually.
  8. The mat fee for a grading session will be set by the club and may be higher than the normal mat fee.
  9. Members and prospective members must follow the club rules as set out below.

The rules of  Hosaka Kwai Judo Club laid down for the conduct of members are as follows:

Students must:

  • Not go on the mat unless invited to do so by a coach.
  • Not leave the mat without first asking a coach.
  • Not wear shoes onto the mat.
  • Must bow both entering and leaving the mat
  • Wear a suitable Judo Suit if they have one. Other martial arts attire is not suitable for Judo training and may not be worn. Only WHITE Judo suits may be worn on the mat; NO OTHER COLOUR IS PERMITTED
  • Take the training seriously and behave in a correct and respectful manner.
  • Be punctual for training sessions.
  • Observe the Club etiquette
  • Not eat in the Dojo.
  • Must not change in the Dojo.

Parents must:

  • Not attempt to “coach” or otherwise distract students from the edge of the mat.
  • Prior to the session beginning, disclose any relevant information that may affect the students participation in Judo training, i.e. medical or physical conditions (Regrettably, individuals with epileptic conditions are automatically precluded from joining Club activity )
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