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Dave Nicholls 5th Dan

Dave Nicholls, 5th Dan, Ex-Great Britain International.

Watch Dave win his 5th Dan

Dave has been doing Judo for over 30 years, he has been a black belt for over 20 years and for 10 years he fought for the British Team in competitions and training camps across the world. Dave-Nichols

Dave won five senior national titles at the national team championships for the Midland area in five different weight categories and he captained the team on a couple of occasions.

Dave won the following national ranking events on numerous occasions: Welsh Open, North West Open, Heart of England Open, West of England Open, Southern Area Open, Eastern Area Open, Northern Home Counties Open.

He was also a finalist in the following national ranking events on numerous occasions: National Trials, English Open, Scottish Open, N. Ireland Open.

His national ranking during the nineties was consistently between 1st and 3rd. He fought and trained internationally representing the UK in competitions and training camps on numerous occasions in Japan, France, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Sardinia and the USA.

He started Judo in 1978 at Sale judo Club under Akinori Hosaka, he got his 1st Dan when he was 16, throwing all five opponents for Ippon and then over a period of 10 years he progressed to 4th Dan by amassing points at competitions. More recently he competed for his 5th Dan winning 4 of his 5 fights by Ippons and one by Wazari.

Dave is very proud that he was Hosaka’s top student metering out Hosaka’s uncompromising brand of Ippon Judo. When he was 19, Hosaka introduced Dave to the legendary Judo World Champion Neil Adams. Dave trained with Neil practically every day from 1990 to 1996. Dave became a highly thought of national team member with spectacular throwing ability throughout the 90’s and into the early 2000’s.

Dave is quite unique in that he was trained very traditionally by a Japanese Kodokan 8th Dan as a child and then, as a young man, his training was continued by one of the best European Competitive Judokas of all time. Dave says that the path he has taken has given him them best of two worlds: a single journey where he learnt the lessons of patience, humility, a strong work ethic, honesty, fighting spirit, great Judo, victory and defeat. He goes on to say his mission is now to share these lessons with others.

He now coaches Judo classes at Warwick University and a special needs school in Warwick. Not only does he have a great depth of understanding Judo at all levels from the beginner to the top international fighter, he has a very motivational style and an engaging manner on the mat.

Per Hour Fee                       £60 (for evening classes)
Per Day Fee                         £200
Per Weekend Fee               £360 (10% discount off day rate)
Plus expenses: 30p/mile travel (he lives in Warwick) and should an overnight stay be required then the cost of a guest house and evening meal also to be covered.

He can be contacted on +44 (0) 7885 405 304 or via email: dgtnicholls@gmail.com

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