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Hygiene and Safety Code

Due to the close nature of our sport, it is very important that members are respectful to fellow players by having the highest possible standards of cleanliness when practicing judo.

These standards can easily be achieved by observing the following:

  • Ensure your judogi is clean, ideally your suit should be washed a minimum of once a week or even after each session.  (Not left in your sports bag until the next session – take out and air it)
  • Finger and Toenails can cause septic infections if they scratch or cut an opponent.  Always make sure your nails are cut short and kept clean.
  • Hair should be tied back, if it is long enough to impede an opponent.  No clips, slides, braided beads, headbands are acceptable.  Hair bobbles must not contain metal.
  • No jewellery of any description is allowed to be worn, earrings, chains/necklaces, belly bars, watches, rings etc.
  • Spectacles are NOT to be worn when doing judo but if required maybe worn when coaching is taking place. However soft contact lenses are permitted.
  • Properly fitted mouth guards are permitted.
  • Footwear in NOT to be worn on the mat.  Footwear is to be worn at ALL times when off the mat.
  • Water is crucial to your health and well being during a session.  Water bottles with sports tops are acceptable, to lessen the risk of spillages.
  • Food or sweets are NOT to be eaten on the mat or in the Dojo.
  • Female Judoka are to wear a plain white T-shirt with no hard objects i.e. buttons, glitter/sequins etc and should be able to tuck into judo pants.  Vest tops are NOT acceptable.
  • Male Judoka should NOT required to wear tee shirts of tops under their judogi jacket without permission of a senior coach.
  • If you are ill, especially if you have seen the doctor and have been prescribed medication, you should not participate in judo or any other sport to safeguard your own health and the health of others.
  • If you are taking any long term medication you must consult one of the coaches BEFORE practicing judo.

If you feel there is a problem please speak in confidence with one of the senior coaches

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